Dance song from Spain

Fuego de Dios is a Spanish dance song from the early 17th century. The Spanish dance songs sit in between classical and popular music.

  • Spanish dance song from the 17th century
  • Spanish dance song from the 17th century


Fuego de Dios

Both composer and lyricist are unknown.

Via Artis Konsort with the two Spanish sopranos Marta Infante and Maria Altadill.

2017 at Koncertkirken, Copenhagen.

'Fuego de Dios' is one of the so-called Dance songs that were the talk of the town in Spain at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries. The songs found themselves in a fertile cross-field between art and popular music, and initially caused indignation among the established cultural elite. Dance rhythms such as the zarabanda (sarabande) and the chacona (chaconne) were temporarily prohibited by law; playing, dancing or singing a zarabanda or chacona could lead to up to 4 years of hard labor at the galleys! Even so, the dance songs eventually integrated into established art music, several of them as part of the classical Baroque suite. But once they were the rock 'n' roll of the day! A more detailed article about the Spanish dance songs can be read at Via Artis Konsorts website

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